Q & A



What is Synct?


Synct is a community for all types of gamers, tabletop, card, board, or pc/counsel. We wanted to help the community come together in one place.

We are all gamers and have our own small community’s already, but we wanted to have 1 place for everyone.


Why did you make Synct?


We found that they were too many small communities for just 1 game and though it would be great to bring everyone together to share ideas, walkthroughs and everything else.


Our team is a group of passionate gamers who play all types of game and were unhappy with the existing options for community to connect with other gamers.


How does it work


It’s easy all you need to do is sign up and your good to go.

It would be great if you joined some of our groups and if you don’t see a group for a game you want just let us know and we can add it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What’s does Synct mean


We want to sync all of your other profiles into one place.

So if you play on a PlayStation, Xbox and steam your friends or fans can find you follow you and play together.

Other platforms didn’t give us all the options we want so we did it our self’s.


What are you trying to achieve


We want every gamer everywhere to be part of our community.


Synct doesn’t look very good


We are very passionate about synct and build the community but we are working on updates and adding thing all the time.

Our team has made synct with love in our free time we don’t make money from this so we put all the time we can into this.

But that’s not to say we are not there when you need us.


How can you help?


The more people we have using synct the better it will become so tell your friends, guild, raid group, clan or squad. We will take any ideas on board and try and add them in the best way we can.